Seminars for Volunteers

A number of volunteers take part in the events that promote international exchange and understanding as well as in the support groups for foreign residents in Himeji City. To provide an opportunity for those who want to improve their skills and gain new knowledge, we organize seminars twice a year.

Upcoming Seminars

Date  Content 
 December 3 (Sunday) Let's study EASY JAPANESE 
December 8 (Friday)   Let's use EASY JAPANESE
December 17 (Sunday)  Let's express things with EASY JAPANESE 

Past Seminars

 Date Content
June 4 (Saturday) Lecture of JICA Volunteer "Thailand"
December 4 (Sunday) Step-Up Seminar for Volunteers 

 Date Content
August 9 (Sunday) Step-Up Seminar for Volunteers
November 21 (Saturday) Let's talk to foreigners in EASY JAPANESE

 Date Content
January 10, 2015 (Saturday) How to teach Japanese language

 Date Content
March 26 (Saturday) Translation and Interpreting

 Date Content
 November 24 (Saturday) Teaching Japanese Language
December 16 (Sunday) Introduction of Bhutan