Japanese Lessons for Foreign Residents

We have two types of classes at Egret Himeji to learn Japanese,
"Japanese Language Course" taught by professional teachers, and "Nihongo Hiroba", conversation practice group with teaching volunteers.

You can select the class that suits you best, depending on the level of your Japanese language skills and what you wish to study!

"Japanese Language Course"
(Lessons taught by qualified teachers) 

Our Japanese language course is taught by qualified teachers,
using the textbook called "Minnano Nihongo". You can improve your skills of Reading, Writting, Listening and Speaking.

This is perfect for you if you are....
- learning Japanese for the first time
- hoping to learn hiragana/katakana
- hoping to aquire correct grammar even though you have enough skills to communicate in Japanese
- hoping to improve your Japanese levels in all areas
(Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking)
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"Nihongo Hiroba"
(Conversation practice with teaching volunteers)

"Nihongo Hiroba" is where you can practice mainly speaking and listening with our teaching volunteers. If you are a beginner, you are advised to take the Japanese language course first, or both the course and Nihongo Hiroba.

This is perfect for you if you are....
- a resident who is planning to stay in Japan for more than 6 months
- a beginner who is currently taking or have completed our Japanese language course
- hoping to study in a small group or at your own speed
- hoping to make friends with other Japanese language learners in Himeji
- hoping to improve your fluency in speaking
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Other Japanese Language Study Groups in Himeji

There are other Japanese study groups in Himeji which are organized by teaching volunteers.
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